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Pixel Studio FX Review and Bonuses : this comprehensive review

Pixel Studio FX Review 

Pixel Studio FX

Find out the REAL TRUTH about Pixel Studio FX in this comprehensive review…

Is the software worth the investment or not? Find out now!

Product : Pixel Studio FX

Website :

Price : $47

The Verdict: 100% RECOMMENDED

Hey everyone - Thanks for stopping by stop at my Pixel Studio FX Review - this is looking to be another hit product of Jimmy Kim, Ali and Adeel Chowdhry.

What Is The Pixel Studio FX Software?- But why do you care?

Pixel Studio FX was designed as an Tool to save time and money on graphic design, Software lets you generate high quality graphics and covers in seconds and it comes stocked and loaded with hundreds of template.

Adeel Chowdhry And  the creators of the software To keep it as SIMPLE as possible it "point and click" simple to generate breathtaking designs that raise the perceived value of all for your digital products and generate a substantial amount of sales!

Pixel Studio FX eliminates costly software -Pixel Studio FX It only takes a few seconds to pick your niche & whip up a tremendous high quality ebook cover, DVD case, Bluray boxset, or even a bundle using Pixel Studio FX

Four step process of creating your custom designs using the Pixel Studio FX

One : Pick your niche or category that you need to generate the design...
Two : Select of the pre-created templates that suit your product
Three : Check out the models that are obtainable & select the that you like best
Four :Point, click, edit &  personalize the template to your liking in seconds

Pixel Studio FX Review

Features That Come Loaded Into The Software Pixel Studio FX

It’s actually easy to use. Much of templates – You can create an stunning design in seconds using the created templates. There are much of models from Ebook covers, software boxes, DVDs, iPhones and even bundles that you can use to make your product stand out and build up the perceived value.

Now you can create models from Ebook covers professional looking bundle in seconds. Simply you find a template you like – then you click on it and choose a product style. There looks to be about 250 design templates and so far I’ve counted over 20 categories...

Pixel Studio FX Review

Now you can share your work together with your client not worry about them ripping of your designs! Add your own custom watermark or use watermarks that come loaded in to the software.

Share your design together with your client using cloaked links that point directly to your design. Your clients may even add notes to the page pointing out what they like or hate about your design.

Niches Are Covered?

Arts & Entertainment
Betting Systems
Business / Investing*
Computers / Internet
Cooking, Food, Wine
E-business & E-Marketing*
Employment & Jobs
Green Products
Health & Fitness*
Home & Garden
Parenting & Family
Politics / Current Events

You Make Money online With Pixel Studio FX ?

Pixel Studio FX Review

I JUST realized an opportunity to make money using the Cash Palette system  “Job Finder” that comes integrated into the software.

Think about it – Thousands of design jobs are available right now and the Cash Palette software helps you find those jobs and make money online by creating professional designs on demand.

Well, You need to do to making money with the Pixel Studio FX software is open the “CASH PALETTE” tool, type in the jobs you’re interested in doing and pick one of the hundreds of jobs that show up.

Anyways – You're going to get paid anywhere from $10 to $50 up to $100+ per design that you complete & the skies the limit when you have the Funds Palette application working for you

What I like

-You don't need to be a computer engineer to make use of it create designs in seconds
-Point and click simple to customize, It’s fast and easy to use
-Hundreds The templates really ARE stunning and as good as they promise
-Hundreds variety of 3d cover models to choose from
-Cloud based – no clunky software or huge graphic packs to save on my PC and slow it down
-Easy way to make money with Pixel Studio FX paired with the “CASH PALETTE

What I don’t like

I’ll be honest – I could literally spend hours tweaking and perfecting my designs, I can't think of anything NEGATIVE to say about this yet - but check back I'm trying to find something! :p

What Are Other People Saying About Pixel Studio FX?

Coming soon…
Pixel Studio FX

  Pixel Studio FX Bonus

JV Bonus 1 – Theme Extension Gallery

JV Bonus 2 – Stock Photo Studio
JV Bonus 3 – Ultimate Icons Pack
JV Bonus 4 – Pixel Profits Webinar

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